ShowerFloss is an oral irrigator which attaches directly to a household showerhead. It is non-electrical, has and adjustable off/on pressure valve and is easy to install. Two water pik tips are included. The device is extremely user-friendly and the compliance rate is much higher than other irrigators due to its convenient location and lack of a water mess.

At Hygiene Innovations I have over 30 years of dental hygiene experience, which helps convince me that ShowerFloss is the ultimate dental hygiene device. As a clinician, I am aware of the fact that 90% of people do not floss regularly. The loosely attached bacterial plaque can, in some cases, cause irreversible damage to the periodontium. Oral irrigation has been found to dilute, reduce and flush away the quantity and quality of this highly toxic bacterial plaque. The directed flow reaches the total circumference of the tooth...

-- try and do that with flossing!

Maximum benefits can be realized by individuals in the following categories:

Very Easy Installation
  1. Remove Showerhead
  2. Install Adapter
  3. Replace Showerhead

1 Year Warranty

Also Available... Extra Tips ( $2.95 each )

To Order By Mail:
Send: $29.95 + $6.50 S/H = $36.45

Check and Money Order accepted for mail orders
(Colorado residents add $1.95 sales tax)

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Hygiene Innovations

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* Multiple Orders? Call or Email for Volume Discount Information.
**Warranty applies to parts only. For Replacement, mail part to above address - postage paid.

Last updated November 4th, 2013